Edward Harris: Founder of Royal Vision

My Name is Edward Harris, I was born in 1983 in Harlem NYC.

When I was little, I found myself taking a liking to drawing and designing, developing ideas as I went through tons of paper, crayons, clay, and then later evolving to more full-fledged artistic and spatial designs.


I always wanted to have my own clothing line! I attribute this to my late grandmother, who was a clothing designer and seamstress as a young woman in Belize City.


I also admired and paid close attention to my father, who created patterns for large design companies.


Being exposed to tailoring and textiles at an early age gave me the ability to look at an article of clothing and signify all the endless alterations I can make. This was my Royal Vision!

I always felt that when you step out, you should feel like you’re royalty walking down the NYC street with what you’re wearing….and when you are Royal, people follow your style and your Vision In the early stages of Royal Vision, I would experiment with the Harlem NYC paint splatter T shirt trend. I developed a core following, that would intrust in me to develop concepts of colors and shapes.


I have now developed my talents within tailoring to customize shoe wear ( Sneakers, Boots, Shoes ), jackets in all variations, hats, different variations of pouches, as well as Royal Vision printed products ( Shirts, pants, etc).